About the PENNI Pre-Training Self-Efficacy Assessment

It is only through understanding our own value and self-worth that we can learn and grow


We all know you can only improve your business if you first invest in the skills of your managers and leaders. We also understand that training often fails to deliver lasting change or business improvement. Research suggests that as little as 7% of the actual learning is transferred to the working environment*.

Improving that transfer requires a motivated management team. The PENNI pre-training self-efficacy assessment, is part of that motivational process.

The PENNI ON-LINE ASSESSMENT is a pre-training self-efficacy assessment tool for managers and leaders providing:

  1. Unlimited free access to the 9-word product and over 100 business words, their definition, supportive modelling and referencing.
  2. A simple 25-minute efficacy assessment
  3. An overall score with explanations
  4. Sub-scores highlighting your strengths and weaknesses in areas such as systemics (the overarching business) dynamics (re) and mechanics (operating processes)
  5. A base-line measure that can be used to set out your personal development plan
  6. Additionally priced twelve and fifteen word products available to larger groups and management teams