PENNI - Consultancy

Driving Business Improvement through Management Development

The on-line PENNI assessment is a stand-alone pre-training self-efficacy tool that can be used in conjunction with a standard Appraisal/Personal Development Programme. 

It has value as a single one-off assessment or as part of an integrated HRD led - management development programme.

PENNI Consultancy & Management Training is available to those organisations who feel that more can be gained by following up the assessment with an in-house bespoke training programme for managers,leaders and supervisors. 


  1. Working with Senior Management to establish a view of the gap in terms of current business performance.
  2. Using the on-line pre-training self-efficacy assessment with managers, leaders and supervisors as a baseline from which to build individual and team development plans.

Management Training

  1. 6 x Modules (Introduction, Planning, Organising, Controlling, Leading and Motivating). An introduction to the skills necessary to improve business performance
  2. A small project individually or as a team enabling the transfer of the new knowledge into the work environment
  3. 3 x Modules for Advanced Management Training including; Strategic Management, Psychodynamic Systems Management and Strategic Operations and Process Management


    Consultancy is an off-line service that can be specifically tailored to an individual organisations needs, payments will be made using standard quotation, contract and invoice terms. Prices available on request...