PENNI - Understanding the Assessment

'To raise one's competency to fit the standard is of greater value than lowering the standard to fit the competency'


The PENNI on-line pre-training self-efficacy assessment has been designed to determine training and development needs before embarking on other, more formal training and development courses and programmes. The assessment sets the learning context and enables the opportunity for greater training transfer into the work place. The assessment is based on the words of the business language. These are the primary tools of the manager and leader, they must be heard and turned into appropriate practice/deeds if they are to be successful in driving business performance.

Poor use of the words manifest as incomplete delivery of services or products that are not fit for purpose, to the agreed standards. Customers are unlikely to be satisfied. Appropriate use of the words provides delivery on time, to agreed standard and satisfied customers.

Same words, different results. The skill is to improve your use of the words of the business language. The words fall into three elements or aspects. These are the Mechanics, Dynamics, and Systemics of business management.

You have unlimited access to the words of the assessment and can visit the matrix over and over. 

By answering the questions asked against each word, and receiving your scores* you will have a much clearer picture of your developmental needs. 

The following information is offered by way of explanatory detail of the three integrated aspects of management:

Integrated aspects diagram

The 3 Integrated Aspects of Management

  1. The Mechanics (the step by step processes and procedures);
  2. The Dynamics (the motivations and anxieties of people and their relationships);
  3. The Systemics (the holistic, the whole working entirety; the undivided mass of totality that represents the business environment).



The resulting scores will enable you and your organisation to develop a more targeted and tailored development plan. The scores will be presented to you for your personal use*and can be downloaded as a PDF. The reports are presented as mechanical, dynamic and systemic value and personal value (a cumulative score).

 *Copies of each business word are not available through the PENNI Assessment; they are available by separate purchase through PENNI - To Go.