What does the PENNI On-Line, Pre-training self-efficacy Assessment offer me as a Manager?

A fun 25 minutes where you can assess yourself against the PENNI definitions of each business word and how it should be used. The Assessment offers you a baseline score that could be used to identify your training needs should you so which. It can be used as a stand-alone assessment or as part of a group.  

What are the best business words to choose?

The PENNI Assessment has identified over 100 key words of the business language that are very important (this list is not exhaustive by any means) and used on a daily basis by managers. You should choose the business words that you use the most, these are the words that you believe you have the most clarity about in terms of definition of use and expected outcomes/results e.g. Planning, Organising, Controlling, Leading and Motivating.

What is the 'Competency Gap'?

The 'competency gap' is the difference between the very best efforts of the manager and management team when set against the market needs and the main task: customer satisfaction. A simple measure of customer satisfaction is return business. A customer who remains a patron is more likely to be satisfied than one that does not. The first aim of a manager is to satisfy their customer in order to achieve sales and gain the return purchase – the retained satisfied customer.

The gap is closed by up-skilling the management. The first step to that up-skilling process is through a pre-training, self-efficacy assessment where strengths and weaknesses can be identified before commencing on the training programme. The assessment acts as a motivator to the training by setting a context of what it is that you are trying to improve. In this way, the training is much more likely to be successful. A key measure of success is customer satisfaction through return business.  

Will I be a better Manager after taking the PENNI Assessment?

Better, possibly; different definitely. You will have undertaken an assessment that provides a view of yourself within the context of personal development and self-fulfilment. You will have a better view of your personal development needs and you will have had a bit of fun in the process. You are most likely to have benefitted from this process. Over time, your organisation and your team may also benefit.