The Job of Management

The job of management is to improve business performance through the achievement of the main task: customer satisfaction.
Customer satisfaction is the simplest way to maintain and grow a business. Return business is easier than finding new business.
Customer satisfaction delivers the retained customer. This customer has a greater contribution, is more loyal and promotes the brand. Satisfied customers advocate the business services and products to others.

An operating system that is not capable of retaining customers by meeting their needs is evidence of a competency gap in management and leadership capability. Managers and leaders are in charge and responsible for the operating system. The system is a reflection of management capability.

Unfortunately, many management training courses fail to improve business performance not due their content or presentation but due to low training motivation of the trainees. This lack of motivation can lead to less than ten percent of training transfer – a failure of the training to improve productivity.

Pre-training self-efficacy is a motivational tool; it sets the learning and development context for the trainee thereby triggering motivation toward the new learning. More motivation to learn, is more likely to lead to improved training transfer.


The Job of Management Model - the application of management skills

The Job of Management Model
Elliott, S. 2012